Ninth Floor, NFB Film Club @Library - honoring Black History Month (RIVER JOHN)

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Thursday, 23 February, 2017 - 6:15 PM
River John Public Library; 2725 West Branch Road; River John; Nova Scotia

Join us for a National Film Board (NFB) movie at the library! Bring snacks (peanut-free please), all are welcome! This month's selection will honor Black History Month.

About the film:
It started quietly when a group of Caribbean students, strangers in a cold new land, began to suspect their professor of racism. It ended in the most explosive student uprising Canada has ever know. Over four decades later, 'Ninth Floor' reopens the file the file on the infamous Sir George Williams Riot - a watershed moment in Canadian race relations and one of the most contested episodes in the nation’s history.
(2015, 81min)

Watch the trailer:


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