African Nova Scotian Land Titles Initiative

Land Titles Initiative

The Land Titles Initiative is a government-led commitment to help residents in the communities of North Preston, East Preston, Lake Look/Cherry Brook, Lincolnville and Sunnyville receive clear title to their land.  If you wish to start a claim, or learn more, call one of our Community Navigators today.

Community Navigators: Two community navigators have been hired.  Their role is to work directly with applicants to help them through the claims process.  There are different ways to gain clear title.  The navigators will help you get on the right path.

To speak with a community navigator or schedule a meeting contact:

Meetings were held in the five communities:

  • Lincolnville/Sunnyville – January 22, 2018
  • Lake Loon/Cherry Brook – January 23, 2018
  • North Preston – January 31, 2018
  • East Preston – February 15, 2018

Community navigators will:

  • respect your confidentiality
  • speak and meet with you to gain understanding of your situation
  • help connect you with a Legal Aid lawyer
  • track the progress of your case to ensure it continues to move along through the process

Manager: The Office of African Nova Scotian Affairs is hiring a manager to oversee all aspects of the Land Titles program.  We expect to have this person hired in the upcoming weeks.

Survey Work: The Department of Lands and Forestry has hired a survey team, including a surveyor and two survey technicians.  Survey work has started and is ongoing.  There is no cost to applicants for survey work completed by this team.  If survey work is required, you or your lawyer will be notified before a surveyor team arrives on site.  Survey work will be done as required for applications under the lands title initiative and is not for general requests.   

Legal Services:  The Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission is providing service to all five communities at no cost to applicants.  Two lawyers from African Nova Scotian communities and two administrative support staff have been hired.  Legal Aid lawyers are independent from government.  They will work with the community navigators.  Applicants who already have a lawyer working on their land title claim may continue to use them, under this initiative, if the lawyer agrees to work on a legal aid certificate.  Applications for legal aid certificates can be made now through Nova Scotia Legal Aid.

People that have already paid for legal work to clear their title will be able to apply to have some of these costs reimbursed from the province.  Subject to specific criteria, reimbursement of legal fees will be provided for work, back to August 20, 2015, for up to 12 hours of legal services and other eligible fees or costs.  Contact a community navigator to discuss your particular case.

What residents can expect:

Legal Aid’s Land Title Offices are now up and running.  The office will provide legal support and help you work through the steps to gain clear title to your land.  If you have already been assigned a Legal Aid lawyer, you can speak to them about working with a navigator. 

Inquiries can be sent to, by phone to (902) 420-8845 or by fax to (902) 420-6561

If you have not yet applied to Legal Aid, we would recommend you contact one of the Community Navigators first – their role is to work directly with you to help you through the claims process from start to finish. 


Office of African Nova Scotian Affairs – 1-866-580-2672 or
Nova Scotia Land Registry –
Land Titles Clarification Act –