African Nova Scotian Land Titles Initiative

Land Titles Initiative

The Land Titles Initiative is a government-led commitment to help residents in the communities of North Preston, East Preston, Lake Loon/Cherry Brook, Lincolnville and Sunnyville receive clear title to their land.

Info Card (1.2MB PDF)


For more than 200 years, many African Nova Scotians have been living on land passed down by their ancestors without clear title. Without clear title, residents are unable to mortgage, bequeath or sell their land or access housing grants. Clarifying title can be an expensive legal process, however, under the Land Titles Initiative all fees, including legal, will be covered at no cost.

Apply for land clarification

If you want to start an application for a land clarification please contact one of the Navigators to book an appointment. They will be in the community on the following dates:

North Preston
North Preston Rec Centre, 44 Simmonds Rd, North Preston, NS B2Z 1A3
October 22
November 12
December 3

East Preston
East Preston Family Resource Centre, 1900 Highway 7, East Preston, NS, B2Z 1M2
October 21
November 15
December 2

Cherry Brook/Lake Loon
H.G. Bauld Centre, 35 Wilfred Jackson Way, Dartmouth, NS B2Z 1A8
October 21
November 15
December 2

Lincolnville and Sunnyville
Community Navigators are in these communities for two days every month.  Please contact 1-833-424-6100 for dates and information.

Community Navigators are in place to assist all applicants involved in the LTI. Their role is to work directly with residents to help them through the claims process. There are different ways to gain clear title. The Community Navigators will help you get on the right path and will help track the progress on your case.  They may be able to inform you of other eligible services.

To speak with a community navigator or schedule a meeting contact: