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Land Titles Update

October 26, 2017 Update on Land Title Clarification Initiative:

As announced on September 27, 2017, the Government of Nova Scotia is providing residents of East Preston, Cherry Brook, North Preston, Lincolnville, and Sunnyville with new supports to deal with land title issues.

African Nova Scotian Affairs is currently engaged in the staffing process to hire Community Liaison Officers; and expects to have these staff hired by the end of November.

Two of the survey positions for the land titles project were posted on government’s hiring website on October 25; we expect to have these staff hired by the end of November.

We are also currently in the planning phase for the community meetings and will be scheduling dates and locations in the near future.

For information go to Land Titles Clarification Act page.

For further information, please contact Wayn Hamilton at the Office of African Nova Scotia Affairs: 1-866-580-2672.


Working with government to serve African Nova Scotians

Working with government to serve African Nova ScotiansAs a founding culture, African Nova Scotian history is deep and storied. Today, there are 50 African Nova Scotian communities throughout the province of Nova Scotia. Almost 21,000 African Nova Scotians call this province home, contributing to the rich diversity that defines Nova Scotia.

African Nova Scotian Affairs (ANSA) works with government and the African Nova Scotian community to enhance cultural understanding and assist in the delivery of services that meet the unique needs of African Nova Scotians. It is the connecting point to the community, promoting African Nova Scotian priorities and bringing people together to share in cultural experiences.

African Nova Scotian Affairs contributes to government decision-making and facilitates positive change on behalf of African Nova Scotians. It also works in partnership with departments, agencies and other organizations to develop solutions that support the ongoing well-being of African Nova Scotians.

ANSA is an advocate for African Nova Scotians, encouraging dialogue and involvement between government and the community. Through the efforts of ANSA, voices have a means to be heard and the aspirations of African Nova Scotians can be achieved.






Honourable Tony Ince

Minister of African Nova Scotian Affairs

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